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Pop to New Highs

Tuesday, June 20, 7:53 am EST. The major indexes popped to new highs yesterday. I had said that all this sideways consolidation action was resulting in market risk actually coming out, and that it was a sign of market strength. Little did I know that it would attempt to pop its head up above the consolidative sideways channel and hit new highs. It’ll be interesting to see if this is going to follow-through, and another new rally ensues.

By everything I had looked at, the stock market had been lulled to sleep, and was perfectly content to drift sideways. So, in case it wants to run again, it’s worth putting together a shopping list of potential buy candidates. I’ll be a buyer of more shares among these: AOS, ROL, ROST, OZRK, UNH, JKHY, CMCSA, AFG, ICE and SNX.

I’ve found a really good, new, safe-dividend grower! Check out Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII). It’s probably the greatest defense industry company you’ve never heard of before! I want some of this!

Another incredible up and comer is Kingstone, symbol KINS, in the insurance brokers industry. Want to take a safe bet? Add some, and hold forever!


Dividend Growth Investing, Retirement Income, Stock Market Investing, Stock Market Timing, Uncategorized

A Sign of Strength?

Saturday, June 17, 8:18 am EST. The stock market would appear to be engaged in a sideways consolidation at this time. What makes this so interesting, is that risk is being wrung out, and the opportunity for another rally to erupt, is what would look to be taking place. The market will not go down. For every seller, here around these most recent all-time highs, there are buyers gobbling up those shares! This is a sign of enormous stock market strength… so far.

I’ve updated the timer, and I can ‘see’ the risk coming out, as the technical measures of risk decline, while the market goes sideways. This is going to be interesting. If the market should take off again, from these higher levels, as measured by the Dow and the 500; watch to see if the beat up techs that have been sold off hard since Thursday, the 8th, also begin to strongly recover. IF you see that action taking place, buy it! If you’ve wanted those tech stocks, buy them. If you’ve cash to buy more shares of our safe-dividend growers, as I do… buy them!

What I think I see is risk coming out of stocks, while they go sideways, and I see risk coming out of the precious metals sector; all at the same time. Further, the indications would appear to be that these might culminate in another new opportunity to enter as early as some day within next week, and maybe closer to the end of next week, than the beginning. In any case, I’ll be updating daily, and watching closely… to see if we’ll drop, or if risk gets to that place, while prices remain high, that a new, and surprising ‘nother rally, should take off!

I’ll be away next week, but there’s wi-fi where I’m going, and I’ll have working laptops along. Also, perhaps before this weekend is gone, I’ll run my search again, and post the results, as this would be my preliminary ‘shopping list’, as I begin to prepare for what may be coming in as little as maybe one week’s time. May God bless you all!


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Want To Take A Trade?

Tuesday, June 6, 8:57 am EST. It has been brought to my attention one particular ETF you might want to take a position in. I’m talking about the ETF having the symbol EMQQ. Look into it. I have been, and I’m going to go long some of it today.

In particular, check out the Fidelity info on it here: https://screener.fidelity.com/ftgw/etf/goto/snapshot/snapshot.jhtml?symbols=EMQQ

Note especially it’s Top 10 Holdings… that’s what sold me! Some 60.1% are those names!!!

I already own some speculative positions in IPAY, which is working out well, and in KWEB, which is another ‘Big Idea’. I’m ahead by nearly 20% in each, but both, I believe, have a very long way to go, and I’d put EMQQ in the very same category.

So, please, do your own diligence. Look into these at whatever online resource you rely upon, and don’t hesitate to share what you learn that either convinced you to, or not to, invest. I consider all of these multi-year holds with huge potential upside, but I’ll put a stop under each one, so that I don’t get hurt, should things head south.



May Statements are In!

Monday, June 5. I am receiving my email notifications that our monthly statements have been produced, and are now available online! I always love this time each month, as they always bear the fruit of that which we are doing. What is it that we do? Only one thing… GROW our portfolio dividend income. We have taken charge. We are in control. We make our portfolio dividend income to only go up, quarter-over-quarter, and year-over-year. Nobody else can say this. Nearly everyone else is trying to grow a ‘nest egg’, and that nest egg is continually changing its value every day… some days it is up; and on others, it is down. It drives people mad. And, worse, in retirement, they are told they have to spend it down, and watch it get smaller with each passing withdrawal, that might exceed any further growth that they might be seeking to obtain. What futility!

We, on the other hand, have been being paid by some of the very highest-quality companies on earth to hold their shares. And, they pay us cash… once every 3 months. Better, every year, they give us a beautiful raise, often well into the teens, that causes our income, in retirement, to continually grow… and beats the stuffin’ out of inflation.

Enough about that. you’ve heard me go on and on about this, time and time again… but, have you done anything about it yet? It’s time to go into the statements!

We have 4 accounts, 2 regular taxable, and 2 IRAs. From the four, we have been paid by 6 of our stock holdings, and our money fund interest. The total income generated by all 4 accounts is up 67.52% over the November income from 6 months ago. Better, our portfolio dividend income has risen this past year, since our last May account statements by 167.21%!!!

Now, please, understand… Nancy and I are in our MAX accumulation stage of life… that place where the children are grown and gone, their college is paid for, and, we’ve paid off our mortgage. We’ve no debt left of any kind! In this stage, we’re now socking away all that we can, and add more shares with each low-risk market entry opportunity. The last two of those were in November and April. It is this adding of shares, with accumulating cash, that supercharges our portfolio dividend income growth.

Beyond that, within these past 12 months, we have received dividend increase “pay raises” from all 20 of our safe-dividend growing stocks. UNH from $2 to $2.50. AFG from $1.12 to $1.25. AOS from $.48 to $.56. OZRK from $.62 to $.70. BDX from $2.64 to $2.92. JKHY from $1.12 to $1.24. ROL from $.40 to $.46. UGI from $.95 to $1. ROST from $.54 to $.64. SYK from $1.52 to $1.70. JNJ from $3.20 to $3.36. MA from $.76 to $.88. HRL from $.58 to $.68. CHD from $.71 to $.76. NKE from .64 to $.72. FDS from $2 to $2.24. TJX from $1.04 to $1.25. CVS from $1.70 to $2. USPH from $.68 to $.80. And, CSL from $1.20 to $1.40 a share. The average is double-digit dividend growth in the teens, just by holding the shares! The rest comes from aggressive accumulation of shares, with cash accruing to our accounts by means of the cash dividends received, and the extra cash in checking at the end of each month, that we send in… while leaving enough for our ’emergency fund’ of some 3 months of available cash-on-hand in checking.

We’re well on our way! And, it is our planned intention and hope that we will arrive to right where we want to be upon full retirement… in about another 4 or 5 years; whenever the wife says she’s ready. May God bless it. May God bless you all!

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


Latest Search Results

Saturday, June 3, 9:46 am EST. Just ran my latest search for the very best of the Safe-Dividend Growers. If you’re not familiar, I look for the very finest looking 10year EPS line… the smoothest most uptrending EPS lines are indicative of companies that can, as I call it, ‘write their own checks’. As these are those companies least affected by outside economic forces. Next, I look at those having the best EPS lines for a lovely stair-step pattern of past dividend payout history. Finally, I look to see that these companies have been recognized by Wall Street for their quality, by chasing their share prices up ahead of the market, as measured by the S&P 500.

I look for at least a tripling of their EPS, at least a tripling of their dividend payout, and at least a tripling of their share price over the past…. it’s easy to find companies that have far exceeded those benchmarks.

The best-of-the-best, the crème-de-le-crème, are the following: ROL, ROST, UNH, AOS, OZRK, JKHY, AFG, CMCSA, NKE, SYK… and a couple or three that are really intriguing me right now… SNX, ICE and AVGO.

I least like NKE among these, as I have my doubts they can rule the world of sports clothing as they had. And, AVGO, or Broadcom is a tech company of a type I’m not sure I understand, if I knew their story, and what they actually produce and for whom, I’m sure it could appeal to me more, and I’d buy in.

More later……..



A Word About Rollins Inc.: ROL

Saturday, June 3, 8:57 am EST. Stocks followed through and closed at another new high again Friday. This makes folks feel good, but it goes entirely counter to what we are trying to accomplish here. We want to buy shares of safe-dividend growing stocks… when they are On-Sale! I like to buy around Low-Risk Market Entry Opportunities. These come around once, twice… as many as four times a year. I noted the first one since the November election in April. I am of a firm belief there will be another before the year is over. When it comes, I will commit rather heavily, and very rapidly increase the rate of our portfolio dividend income.

It’s a sort of a perverse kind of a thing, but you want stock prices to go down. When prices are off, yield is up. And, since we are investing for the yield, we want prices to get hammered down as low as they will go, and technical measures of stock market risk are signaling that risk has been all but entirely wrung out.

The April low wasn’t as strong a signal as I would have liked to have seen, and I had hoped the market would have gone even lower, so as to put all my indicators in place. It didn’t, but, as I explained then, I would do some buying just in case that was all it was going to give me, and I miss the opportunity altogether. As it turned out, that was indeed all it was going to give, and so, I’m very glad that I bought what I did.

Running my search this weekend, I see that the very first issue to rise to the top is Rollins Inc., the largest name pest-control people, Orkin, and a whole plethora of other pest-control companies. The EPS line of the analysts’ consensus of forward-looking earnings estimates is a beauty, and about triples from $.31 to $.90 the past 10 years. The 10-year past history of dividend payout is that desirable stair-step pattern of growth, starting at $.09 a share, and is now $.46 a share, for better than 400% dividend growth. Price has performed as well, being $6.50 a share 10 years ago, and closing at $43.06 on Friday, for better than 500% appreciation!

The last dividend hike was from $.40 to $.46 a share, for a 15% “pay raise”. The safety factor for its dividend is high, with an EPS estimate of $.90, that $.46 dividend is just more than half of its earnings being paid out. But, ROL is a low-tech company, and little is necessary for R&D, so much of the rest can go to marketing.

I’m not recommending anyone buy any now, unless it is to get a toe in the door, to cause you to pay more attention to it in the future, but when the next opportunity should come along, Rollins Inc. is an excellent safe-dividend grower for the long haul. I have some, and I’ll likely add more, when the time is right!

I hope to publish an entire list of all the best of the safe-dividend growers very soon.



New Highs, and Follow-Through

Friday, June 2, 7:54 am EST. Looking at an average price of all my safe-dividend growth holdings, they made a new high Thursday, and futures are poised to open the market higher Friday morning. I’m not a buyer under these circumstances. I did my last buying during the Low-Risk Market Entry Opportunity that I noted back the middle part of April. I was a buyer on Tuesday, April 18 and Thursday, April 20. You can read of it back then.

Contributing to my new portfolio price high, with new highs of their own, was: UNH, BDX, SYK, UGI, MA and CHD. A few others very close to new highs are: AFG, AOS, JKHY, ROL and JNJ.

Market risk is now measuring on the higher end of my scales, and I’ll sit content until another opportunity comes along.

May has ended. Monthly brokerage statements will be coming out, and I’ll be noting who paid us what, and by how much our portfolio dividend income has grown. Perhaps they’ll be ready by Monday! It’s always like having Christmas once a month, to me.

If you’re doing the same, write in and tell me how yours is growing.

Take charge. Invest in safe-dividend growers for an ever-growing stream of safe portfolio dividend income.