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It’s “Payday” Once Again!

Wednesday, July 7, 2021. The brokerage statements have been made available and the results are in. June was a great month for dividend income!

We received dividends from 30 holdings! They were, in alphabetical order: ABC, AFG, ANTH, AVGO, BIP, BIPC, BLK, BST, BSTZ, BTG, CCI, DLR, ES, FLO, FXO, HD, KRE, MAIN, MJ, Mon Fnd, MSFT, NSA, O, SCHD, SCHV, SII, UNH, UTG, WEC and WPM.

We received a whopping lump sum from AFG. I don’t know what that was about… Nor do I care. We just gladly take it! So because of that extraordinary dividend from AFG, the income looks like this for us. Our June income was 70.34% higher than from March just 3 months ago. Higher than last December’s by 48.38%, and did better than last September’s, 9 months back, by 198.91%… a near triple! Whohoo!!!

On a more realistic sort of a basis, I go to my stock program, where I can chart all issues as one, Price has hit a new all-time high in value today, as I type this… which makes sense, as the indexes are doing the same. One year ago, the average dividend per share among all our holdings was $2.81. As of this point in time, that average has risen to its present $3.09 a share, which is indicative of an organic growth of 9.96% these past 12 months.

In the month of June there looks to have been a dividend cut from FXO, from $.86 to $.83 a share. ETFs will fluctuate a bit like that, and is typically NO cause for concern. I see that IIPR has raised us from $3.84 a year ago to $5.60 in June, for a near 46% pay raise! KRE, another ETF has mildly cut us from $1.45 to $1.42 a share, as ETFs might. MJ, one more ETF, has also cut. This was from $.58 to $.36 a share. I should take a look. Maybe it needs to be culled out? I’ve got a healthcare related REIT that indicates it has cut from $4.41 a share back to $3.60. That doesn’t impress either. That makes 2 to take a harder look at. NSA raised us from $1.40 to $1.52 a share in June… not quite 10%, but I’ll gladly take it. O tries to raise only, and a little bit often. It’s paying another penny this quarter, from $2.82 to $2.83, and up only from $2.80 a year ago. SCHD has raised us from $2.09 to $2.19 a share, about 5%. SCHV has also raised us from $1.39 to $1.67, which is a nice raise of 20.14%. UNH has raised our pay in June, from $5.00 to $5.80 a share, and that is a lovely 16% increase! The utility fund UTG gave us an increase of $.12, from $2.16 a share to $2.28.

It’s all good! The projected earnings increase among our holdings, looking out into the future, looks to be a possible or potential 15%, but I put little stock in such prognostication. Divided growth is projected to be on the order of 12% a year, looking out there. That’s a lovely number that would double our income in 6 years! If it also poses a “dividend magnet” effect upon price, it will follow suit… especially if interest rates continue to remain low.

Our current portfolio dividend yield stands, as of now, at 3.87%, and rising. How long before we are generating a portfolio yield of 4%??? May not be long! That would be a great milestone… where else am I going to earn a 4% yield?

Harold F Crowell


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