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Dividends WIN Again!

Friday, June 4, 2021. Our May monthly brokerage statements have been posted, and I’ve updated our file. So how’d we do?

Only awesome! First, we received payment in May from 17, or 1/3rd, of our 51 stock holdings: ABBV, APO, BMY, BST, BSTZ, CCOI, CVS, EVA, INVH, LEN, LNT, MAIN, Mon Fnd, NEP, NHI, NXST, O and UTG. Our portfolio dividend income is 31.6% higher than it was last November, 6 months ago, and even 21.7% higher than February just 3 months ago!

We’re on a tear! Issues that reported a raise or cut in the 1 month charts are 1.) APO, down from $2.40 to $2.00 a share, but still paying us a 4.13% yield. 2.) CCOI, raised from $2.87 to $2.97 a share, for a 4.31% yield. 3.) COR has raised from $4.92 to $5.08 a share to yield to us 4.18%. 4.) EVA has raised us from $3 a share to $3.11 for our current 7.54% yield. 5.) FLO has raised from $.80 to $.84 to yield for us 3.65%. 6.) NSA has raised theirs from $1.40 to $1.52 and our yield on investment is now 4.06%. 7.) SCHV has raised theirs from $1.39 to $1.68 to presently yield 3.23%. And 8.) WPM has raised to us from $.52 to $.56 a share. As this is a dividend paying portfolio precious metals ‘insurance’ holding, the dividend yield is now 1.52%.

A favorite way to look at our progress is to chart all 51 issues as one average of them all. The dividend payout line for the past twelve months starts with an average dividend per share for all as being $2.78 a share, but with all of the increases by raises from our holdings, the average dividend per share now stands at $3.08 a share. This $.30 a share average increase is a 10.8% pay raise. The projected dividend income growth calculated by the program I use expects that it will continue to do so at an average annual 12% rate, which would double our income in 6 years time.

Our actual portfolio dividend yield at this time is 3.87%. If it should double in 6 years, that yield would be 7.74%! Where are you going to find a dividend income yield like that anywhere? You won’t! And that’s why you’ve got to start building a portfolio dividend income type stock investment portfolio that will just keep paying and paying and raising and raising! The sooner you commence, the sooner you will attain unto your retirement income goal!

This is passive income stock investing. You buy issues that have the very best profile of price and dividend income growth. You create a compounding growth machine, and a “dividend magnet effect” that results in price appreciation, as individual issues raise their dividend, and the stock price rises to reflect both the growth and the safety of that growing dividend.

We’re on our way to becoming stock market wealthy by means of dividend income, its growth and reinvestment into more shares. It is the very best way to create stock market wealth, as well as a passive, growing retirement income stream that never has to end!

I’ll even add this one other thing, too… Even though we do not purposely seek to invest for capital growth, capital appreciation… that matter has a way of taking care of itself. Why do I say that… our holdings closed at a new all-time high in value today. The indexes did not. Our holdings typically beat the S&P 500 for price appreciation, because it always beats the 500 for dividend growth and safety!

Harold F Crowell


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