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O, We’re Getting SO Close!

Thursday, May 13, 2021. I’ve updated the timer… The OEXpert 7 Stock market Timing Program, and I am getting excited! I smell opportunity coming our way.

Does the OEXpert 7 Stock Market Timer have any news for us this evening? The price of the QQQ is in its 2 lower trading bands for a signal. F1 is now at 10 and that is a signal. The always first and early F2 is signaling. F3 is now at 37… Needs to reach 10, but does not have to participate. Always a plus when it does. F4 is now at -18 and close. If Friday were to go lower, it would most likely signal. F5 looks to be right at 43… only needs to touch 40. One more day could do it! Then, F6… it’s at 8. It is signaling, but it would be wonderful if it were to get just a little bit lower. It’s always at its best when it touches 0.

I’m looking to tomorrow to hopefully go in just such a way as to wring that last little bit out for me, so that I could confidently say it is due. But, it needs just a bit more. Will we get it? I’m telling you that I think it is immanent. Will it be Friday? Monday??? 🤔



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