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Not Long?

Saturday, August 12. I’m a bit surprised. I updated the timer with all the missing back data, as I had said that I would, and as I had last said… the market reaching new highs, had also put all of the indicators into a measure of extreme risk. The last lo-risk opportunity being mid-July, which I identified, and made some purchases at that time.

Here’s that thing which is of keen interest to me: Some of the indicators had already begun to turn down some time back, and… are already halfway, or more, ‘home.’ What do I make of that? I’d say that this may be a correction only short and shallow! It leads me to believe that the price support I see only a couple or three % away is more likely to hold, than not, to my way of looking at these indicators.

Let’s let things play out some more, going forward. I’ll commence to updating the timer regularly, and let’s see if we can’t nail the next lo-risk market entry opportunity within just the next couple or three weeks maybe.

I’ve got money fund cash I’d like to put to work.



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