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I Love This Time Each Month!

Friday, August 4, 8:45 am EST. Email announcements notifying us that our monthly brokerage account statements are available online always get my heart to racing. I love this time of each month! It’s like adding another 12 Christmas’ into each year, just for me!

So, how did we do? Who paid us in July? How much was it? How much has it grown over past quarters and last year??? That’s what I like to calculate. That’s what I love to share with my wife. We’re in charge here. We make our portfolio dividend grow; and we cause it to only go UP!!! That’s what it’s all about! Finding and acquiring shares of the very safest of dividend growers is the wisest way to invest, and to be able to passively just let the income grow. It’s so easy! Did the balance increase? I pay so little attention to that, and could hardly care less. I’m not trying to grow a ‘nest-egg’ that I’ll have to spend down, and hope not to go through before I die. We’re building, and leaving, a legacy portfolio to our heirs; our children, and our children’s children!

We saw dividends in July from safe-dividend growers AFG, NKE, OZRK, SNX, SYK, UGI, and USPH. Between the dividend increase “pay raises” and the addition of more shares around each low-risk market entry opportunity, we have caused our portfolio dividend income to increase by 34.6% just since April, and an incredible 102.4% since January! We’re well on our way toward our future retirement income goal, and since the wife would like to work 5 more years, we feel very confident we’re laying a foundation for an excellent retirement with our safe-dividend growing stocks.

Here’s to your investment success!
Harold F Crowell


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