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Mildly Chided

Monday, July 24, 5:09 pm EST. I was mildly chided by a friend over the weekend for not writing the past week. It’s been something of a habit with me, that after I’ve called a lo-risk entry, as I did back on July 12, and I’ve added to my positions, that I generally sit back and let everything ride for a while, before I write some more.

I’m in need of updating the timer, and I’d like to run my search again. I’ll post the results. We’re getting to the end of another month, and that means statements will be coming out again, and I’ll be reporting on our portfolio dividend income and its growth… I love doing that!

So, I’ll get back shortly to bring things back up to date. God bless you all!


5:48 pm EST. Having run my search, I see some very attractive ideas. I’ll just list them all, and state which I already own. I find these ideas all to be quite compelling: AOS, ROL, a new find CTSH, OZRK, JKHY, AVGO, UNH, CMCSA, ROST, another new find KINS, AFG, SNX, ICE, PRI, AON, and HII.

I already own, of the above: AOS, ROL, OZRK, JKHY, AVGO, UNH, ROST, AFG and SNX.

Without updating the timer yet, I do not think that this is a lo-risk entry opportunity. That came and went about 2 weeks ago. However, whenever you find something you really do want to own, I always advocate taking a token position, so that you begin to watch it more carefully, and then wait to add significantly to it later, as an opportunity might arise. It would not surprise me in the least if we were to see another such opportunity to arise in the fall of this year. They rather commonly seem to, and I’m willing to wait that long, or longer, if necessary.



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