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Speculations Outside of Your Stocks

Monday, July 17, 7:59 am EST. I don’t just invest in safe-dividend growers, though I do advocate that everyone should. I also take some speculative positions in other stuff that I strongly believe is going to do very well.

I’m not saying that anyone should buy these, but I will put them out there, so that anyone can do some serious digging for themselves, and determine if they wouldn’t want to take a similar shot, too.

So, for your own research, I’d say take a look into the ISE Mobile Payment ETF, symbol IPAY. Within just the next few years everyone will be paying their retail purchases by means of their phones! This technology is already huge elsewhere, and it will come here, too! I have a 24% gain since October in this one, and it’s just getting started.

The Krane China Internet ETF, symbol KWEB. The growth in China, especially of a middle class, that is ganging onto the internet there, and causing their travel sites, retail purchase sites, and their personal selling sites; like our Priceline, Amazon and eBay, to explode has given me a 23% gain in under a year, and this has some years to climb yet, I’m quite sure.

In a similar vein, but in keeping with the internet and Ecommerce themes overseas, there is the Emerging Markets Internet and E-commerce ETF, symbol EMQQ, which I only recently acquired, but has risen from the get-go.

And, finally, there is a whole rising of the world economy taking place outside of the US, and all the emerging markets around the world are experiencing a lift. But the Wisdom Tree Emerging Markets Fund, symbol DEM, also pays a goodly dividend of a $1.36 a share. I want in on that, so I took a position in it. valuations are starting to get quite high in the states, but that is not the case in the emerging markets of the rest of the world, so there is value there that gives them room to grow their prices at a rate we’re not likely to see here at home.

Let me add this: We look to be entering the final innings of this bull market, which launched in March of ’09. Before these end, they often take a breathtaking run-up first, that sucks a lot more people and money in. When this takes place, typically technology and/or biotechnology are prime beneficiaries of all that new money. I have not bought yet, but I do believe that I will be taking positions in one or more biotech ETFs. I currently considering BIB and/or SBIO. I believe a case for both can be easily made.

Don’t buy because I say so… conduct a little on-line study of what’s inside these funds, and ask yourself if you think there might be an advantage to be gained for your portfolio by adding some shares of any of these. I did, and they’re working out so far.

Think of these as potential kickers, and not main drivers of your portfolio… just some sauce or gravy, not the meat or potatos.




4 thoughts on “Speculations Outside of Your Stocks

  1. Richard says:

    Great reminder of having some speculative sauce, in the mentioned themes, in your buffet and the use of ETFs to remove single equity issue risk…touché
    Thank you for the great ongoing insights and advise, on the thematic advise, check out Motif Investing, the free, resources tab is a must for ones theme based fact check like autonomous vehicles, robotics, cyber security etc etc ….great read an ongoing thank you

  2. Bob West says:

    I picked up IPAY months ago on your advice. That has been a fantastic recommendation. I will check out your new spec plays. Thanks for all you do for us Harold!

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