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OEXpert 7 Called It Again!

Sunday, July 16, 8:37 pm EST. Okay, I’m not braggin’, but I have this 25 year old stock market timing program called OEXpert 7, from 1992. I wrote last week that I was getting a low-risk market entry signal from the program, and sure enough… Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, stocks lifted off, and now, depending upon the index, we closed Friday at new all-time highs!

Never doubt the Xpert! It’s been giving me great calls for 25 years… I really came to fully trust it back in the summer of ’96. I’ve been telling folks of when it has been signaling for all that time, and have earned quite a reputation among those that have taken note of all the many times it’s gotten it right.

For this week, I expect a little more upside initially, but I’d like to see a little pullback later in the week, that I might buy yet more. I got so busy last week, I wasn’t able to take full advantage of my own timing call!

Accumulate shares of safe-dividend growers, of the kind I am able to find any time, and frequently post here… then, start tracking your dividend income, and its rapid growth. If you’d like an Excel file already set-up for just that purpose, I’ll gladly share it with you.

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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