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For New Readers

Saturday, July 15, 9:02 pm EST. I could still laugh yet more at myself. I wanted to do some more buying this week, but was always having to be about something that kept me away from my computer. On Friday, we ended up inviting a number of family members and taking the day to go to an aquarium. As a result, I missed out on the gains of Thursday and Friday, had I been around to be buyer earlier. No worries. I expect we’ll see some pull back this next week, and I’ll take advantage of any weakness to accumulate some more shares.

I’ve been getting emails indicating that new readers have come on board. I want to share this live link again to the one investment book everyone should read and wed themselves to. The Single Best Investment by Lowell Miller, here:


Click on this link for the free PDF file of the book. You can leave it on-line and click on it to read from it anywhere you’d like, or you can copy the file onto your own machine and have it there for future purposes whenever you’d like.

You ONLY need to read the introduction, and the first 4 chapters… some 63 pages, or so. Digest those, and you’ll get it! This is the way to go. Be a buyer of shares of safe-dividend growers, and reinvest the income, and whatever else you can add, as you are able, and then focus, concentrate upon growing that portfolio dividend income.

There’s one thing you are going to need and want in your retirement… Income! Why not invest for an ever-growing stream of income now, and start taking it in your retirement then. You can make it to only go up, and you won’t have to spend down all you’ve sought to accumulate all your working life in retirement, wondering whether you’ll go through it all before you die.

Start investing for a dividend income stream that will grow at a rate that will far outstrip inflation, and will continue to grow in value, as the market should, and leave to your heirs more than you entered your retirement with!

Nobody else does this… nearly all are all about growing their nest-egg. Forget that! Grow your income, and measure its growth to your own predetermined target and goal… then, LIVE!

Live like nobody else now, investing to rapidly grow an income, so that you can live like nobody else later!



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