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If It Should Happen…

Saturday, July 1, 8:41 am EST. I ran my search. It’s been a little while. I like what I see!

Here are my top picks, according to my own safe-dividend growth criteria; which is as follows: I examine 10-year charts of EPS, its growth and ‘smoothness’ as it uptrends. The smoother the better, and it must also handily outpace the rate of growth for the same EPS graph of an average EPS for all the S&P 500. I then chart for the 10-year historical dividend payout, and look for a stair-step pattern of consistent, inflation-stomping, double-digit dividend “pay raise” increasing growth. I finally look at the price charts, for those that have been recognized by Wall Street as superior investments. One way to know they are is to note that the dividend yield almost always seems LOW, but ignore that; as you want the safe-dividend growth that will result in quick doublings of your income… typically six years, or less.

On top of that, you’re going to keep accumulating shares along the way, which adds a multiplier effect, and results in a compounding of your portfolio dividend growth! You’ll double your portfolio dividend income in well under 4 years.


Others that really intrigue me, and I might take a position in, are: AVGO, APH, KINS, LFUS, ICE and SNX. I get this real strong ‘gut feeling’ about AVGO and KINS. SNX, too, but I’ll want to do more research before I’d be willing to commit to any of them.

I already own: AFG, AOS, BDX, CHD, CSL, CVS, FDS, HRL, JKHY, JNJ, MA, NKE, OZRK, ROL, ROST, SYK, TJX, UGI, UNH and USPH. That’s 21 ideas. There are a few weak sisters among them: USPH, CSL and CVS, but I’m not willing to jettison them yet. I’m watching them. I think they’ll be alright.

Finally, I have some speculations. You do your own due diligence, but if you learn what’s in these, and what the future seems to hold, you might make a compelling case for acquiring some for yourself. Look into: EMQQ, KWEB and IPAY.

More later…………..

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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