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Want To Take A Trade?

Tuesday, June 6, 8:57 am EST. It has been brought to my attention one particular ETF you might want to take a position in. I’m talking about the ETF having the symbol EMQQ. Look into it. I have been, and I’m going to go long some of it today.

In particular, check out the Fidelity info on it here:

Note especially it’s Top 10 Holdings… that’s what sold me! Some 60.1% are those names!!!

I already own some speculative positions in IPAY, which is working out well, and in KWEB, which is another ‘Big Idea’. I’m ahead by nearly 20% in each, but both, I believe, have a very long way to go, and I’d put EMQQ in the very same category.

So, please, do your own diligence. Look into these at whatever online resource you rely upon, and don’t hesitate to share what you learn that either convinced you to, or not to, invest. I consider all of these multi-year holds with huge potential upside, but I’ll put a stop under each one, so that I don’t get hurt, should things head south.



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