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Saturday, June 3, 9:46 am EST. Just ran my latest search for the very best of the Safe-Dividend Growers. If you’re not familiar, I look for the very finest looking 10year EPS line… the smoothest most uptrending EPS lines are indicative of companies that can, as I call it, ‘write their own checks’. As these are those companies least affected by outside economic forces. Next, I look at those having the best EPS lines for a lovely stair-step pattern of past dividend payout history. Finally, I look to see that these companies have been recognized by Wall Street for their quality, by chasing their share prices up ahead of the market, as measured by the S&P 500.

I look for at least a tripling of their EPS, at least a tripling of their dividend payout, and at least a tripling of their share price over the past…. it’s easy to find companies that have far exceeded those benchmarks.

The best-of-the-best, the crème-de-le-crème, are the following: ROL, ROST, UNH, AOS, OZRK, JKHY, AFG, CMCSA, NKE, SYK… and a couple or three that are really intriguing me right now… SNX, ICE and AVGO.

I least like NKE among these, as I have my doubts they can rule the world of sports clothing as they had. And, AVGO, or Broadcom is a tech company of a type I’m not sure I understand, if I knew their story, and what they actually produce and for whom, I’m sure it could appeal to me more, and I’d buy in.

More later……..



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