New Highs, and Follow-Through

Friday, June 2, 7:54 am EST. Looking at an average price of all my safe-dividend growth holdings, they made a new high Thursday, and futures are poised to open the market higher Friday morning. I’m not a buyer under these circumstances. I did my last buying during the Low-Risk Market Entry Opportunity that I noted back the middle part of April. I was a buyer on Tuesday, April 18 and Thursday, April 20. You can read of it back then.

Contributing to my new portfolio price high, with new highs of their own, was: UNH, BDX, SYK, UGI, MA and CHD. A few others very close to new highs are: AFG, AOS, JKHY, ROL and JNJ.

Market risk is now measuring on the higher end of my scales, and I’ll sit content until another opportunity comes along.

May has ended. Monthly brokerage statements will be coming out, and I’ll be noting who paid us what, and by how much our portfolio dividend income has grown. Perhaps they’ll be ready by Monday! It’s always like having Christmas once a month, to me.

If you’re doing the same, write in and tell me how yours is growing.

Take charge. Invest in safe-dividend growers for an ever-growing stream of safe portfolio dividend income.



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