Taking a Different Tack

Friday, May 26, 9:33 pm EST. I’m not going to quit what I’ve been doing. But, my wife and I had a most interesting thing happen in the past couple of weeks, and it made us have to take a long hard look at our plans, and to possibly move up the target date for attaining unto our retirement income goal. With that in mind, I figured to try another type of search, and I find it most intriguing.

I list every dividend payer in my database by yield, from highest to lowest. I then charted the dividend payout and price with 10 years of data. What I was looking for was the most consistently uptrending dividend payout… on as a high a yielding issue as possible. The search was interesting. The very first issue that looked decent, and seemed a promising buy, was one I had just recently read about elsewhere.

The company is Blackstone, symbol BX. It’s paying $3.48 a share, for a 10.68% yield! Since it looked pretty good, and I’d read of it elsewhere, specifically¬†‘Doc’ Eifrig’s Income Intelligence newsletter, I took a position.

I’m going to continue my search in this fashion, and see if I can’t find another high-yielder to add besides. My wife may be able, if she should so choose, to retire in as little as 3 1/2 years. Together, we’re determined to replace all her income with an ever-growing stream of portfolio dividend income. Come on along, and do the same!

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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