What’s This?!?!?

Monday, 4/17 8:29 am EST. I am going to try to lead each post with a “Time Stamp” in the future at the suggestion of a friend. I thought it was a good idea. I casually mentioned this awhile back… My dedicated MS XP OS laptop for the running of my 25 year-old stock market timer had died back in late March.

Fortunately, the program had been saved, and the data was recoverable. I was able to secure another old XP laptop, and it is all up and running again. I was only getting a little anxious because I could tell, from many years of experience, that risk was being wrung out of the stock market, and that a possible low-risk market entry opportunity might be at hand.

We got the machine running Thursday evening, and updated the data file with all the very latest 2 1/2 weeks that were missing… and, sure enough… I’m wanting to tell you that the 1992 version of the OEXpert 7 Stock Market Timer is almost certainly within 1 week of giving us a signal. I’m thinking that by mid-week, if we can get anymore sideways to downside price action from stocks, that a whole new rally could kick off for us, and my advice, right now is: It is time to get shopping lists together.

I will run my search. I will gather a list of stocks I would want to be buying, and I will put it all right here very shortly. Now, I know many scoff and doubt such a thing… that’s one of the true beauties of this program, it seems it will do its thing, and generate a signal at those times when traders and investors might seem to be least expecting a rally. I’ve been mocked and ridiculed many times for calling a market turn in the past… but the Xpert has been proven right probably every single time, and on the Pirate’s Cove Investors Forum, where I used to catch heck from fellow-members… well, you just go there and see for yourself… When the Xpert speaks, the forum listens!!!




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