Just Checking In

I was asked what I am holding. I’ll do better than that. I’ll conduct my search and post all that I think would be great to buy-to-hold.

I get called on it every time, but the best I find is still 1.) Ross Stores, ROST. The reason is simple. Despite it being a brick and mortar chain, the EPS estimates just keep on being raised by the analysts. This makes the dividend safe, and allows them to raise it handsomely each year at a double-digit rate. Pure and simple! I think I’ll buy some more.

I’m pretty fond of 2.) United Healthcare, UNH. Not a favorite, but a pretty good one nonetheless, and I have some, is 3.) Carlisle Companies, CSL. The wife is a PE teacher, and she likes Nike products. We have some 4.) NKE, and its EPS has just turned back up rather dramatically, that should be kicking off a share price rebound, as it appears that it already has. Another that just keeps growing and paying out safely and well is 5.) Rollins Inc., ROL. I’ve written of 6.) Smith A O Corp, AOS, before. It seems to do everything well. I’ve long been a fan of 7.) Jack Henry, JKHY, and only just recently took a position in it. It’s estimates have been really getting ramped up here lately. If that trend continues, price is going to take off. Another good one, but I don’t own any, is 8.) Stryker Corp., SYK. I love the property and casualty business, and my favorite among them is 9.) American Financial Group, AFG. It’s a rare utility that nearly meets my criteria, but 10.) UGI Corp, UGI appears to come the closest, and I like it. Why I don’t have any 11.) Amphenol Corp., APH,  is beyond me. It’s a low tech supplier to the high-tech industry. I’m going to get some! A newcomer to my search, and I’ve done too little diligence, but I find 12.) Exponent Inc., EXPO, intriguing. It may be worthy. Another relative newcomer, that I expect will be a good find, is 13.) US Physical Therapy, USPH. I intend to study this one more, and perhaps become a buyer. Who doesn’t think their services will only become more in demand? I was a fan of Tractor Supply, TSCO, but I’m rather amazed at how much it’s slipped… perhaps it, too, has fallen victim to Amazon? I may let mine go, as it has not been right for a while now. Too, I remember when I was quite the fan of Qualcomm, QCOM, but it has also been falling on hard times, and I have been out of it for quite some time now.

One that has only recently caught my eye is 14.) Synnex Corp., SNX. I really need to dig into this one, as it appears to hold a lot of potential. I still like 15.) TJX Companies Inc. TJX. It may take a back seat to Ross Stores, but they have a similar business model and many respects, and TJX does well. I’m a long-time holder of shares. I have never bought any 16.) Equifax Inc., EFX, but I think that with a little more research into what they do, I could get comfortable owning some, as I like what I see initially. A favorite for some time for me has been 17.) Hormel Foods, HRL. It’s not just all highly processed junk. They’ve branched out into other, whole, less processed type foods, as well. Get in on 18.) MasterCard, MA. I don’t hold the stock, but I do within an ETF having the symbol IPAY. They’ll be a part of the next buy/pay revolution where we’ll all make our purchases with our phones, and leave our cash, and even our wallets at home! Not quite the powerhouse it once was, 19.) Costco, COST, still seems to work, though I’m sure that Amazon must have encroached somewhat on their turf. They still seem to be more than holding their own.

I’m going to stop here for now, and add more about these later, since we’re going to get whacked with a big snow storm. I’m always able to find enough ideas to make a well-rounded portfolio of safe-dividend growers, and I’m willing to pick up some shares almost any time, since my goal is to grow our portfolio dividend income safely and rapidly, and to hopefully hold them forever.

Here’s to your investing success!
Harold F Crowell


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