Great Stocks, Not a Time to Buy

I like to wait for corrections to come to an end before I buy, but that’s not necessary. Not if your time horizon is forever. The very best stock I still find each time is Ross Stores, ROST. If you haven’t bought any… get some! At the rate, and safety, Ross raises its dividend, it will rapidly become substantial. It’s only paying .80% right now, but that’s only because the share price has done so well. It’s payout ratio is only 21%! It pays $.54 a share at this time, and will be raising again soon. I love it!

Another I have become quite the fan of is A.O. Smith, AOS. The EPS line and dividend payout picture is just tremendous! It’s current yield is 1.1%, and is growing very rapidly and safely, as well. Payout ratio is currently 29%. It just raised from $.48 to $.56 a share, which is, of course, and $.08 cent a share raise, but also represents a 16.67% “Pay raise”! Can you get excited about that? I do!

I’ll throw out another one… I don’t have any… yet! But, I’m going to get some very soon. That would be Jack Henry, JKHY. Do your own diligence. Look these up in whatever financial news resource you use, and just see what high quality, safe-dividend growers each of these are. More later…………..

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


2 thoughts on “Great Stocks, Not a Time to Buy

  1. Raheel says:

    Could you please list your current holdings?
    Also, in the book you recommend The Single Best Investment, the author stressed on high quality, high growth and high yield. Is it a valid to assume that you are not following it word by word as you don’t go for high yield?
    Thanks for your motivational posts.

    • Yea, sure, I’ll list my holdings… look for them in the next post. And, you’re absolutely correct, I do not follow the book word by word, as it’s not really possible to get high-quality, high-growth and high-yield. You can only get 2 out of 3 for sure, and I elected to go with highest-quality, and high-growth, letting high-yield come to me down the road. Look for the symbols of my holdings next. Thanks, Harold

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