A “Sure Thing” for Capital Gains?

As I should receive truly intriguing intelligence, I love to pass it on to you, my readers. I do believe that this IS going to happen, and that we can ALL profit handsomely from it, as we get in very, very early on what would appear to be an unstoppable trend. We are ALL going to be making our shopping payments in stores with our phones. I have begun to ask, wherever I go, if people are paying there by phone yet, and checkout counter people are telling me that, yes, some have begun to do so. Why don’t you do the same… and buy some of this ‘sure thing’ investment!
“How to take advantage of 80% annual growth in mobile payments…
In less than five years, you will use your phone to pay for almost everything.
That might sound crazy. But this is an unstoppable trend.
Finding unstoppable trends is a key part of finding 100-baggers. And mobile payments are set to grow at an incredible pace for years to come…
The U.S. is an entire market where people don’t regularly use mobile payments, yet. But that is going to change. According to Business Insider Intelligence, mobile payments in the U.S. are set to grow 80% a year through 2020.
That’s a staggering growth rate. And surprisingly, nobody’s talking about it.
This is exactly what I want to see as an investor… It’s an unstoppable trend… that nobody is talking about.
It will be the greatest transformation of how people pay for stuff since, well, since people started paying for stuff. And it’s because paying with your phone is much safer than paying with your credit card…
You see, the magnetic strip on your credit card carries your name, account number, and expiration date.
When you swipe it at a store or restaurant, you relinquish that information over to the merchant. And that’s the problem… Now your data is out there, and hackers can get to it.
However, when you pay with your phone, nobody can see your name or your credit-card number… because they aren’t ever shown.
This is just one benefit to mobile payments. But the larger point is that this trend is enormous and has years to grow.
One safe way to profit is through the PureFunds ISE Mobile Payments Fund (IPAY). This fund holds a basket of companies that will benefit as mobile payments grow. And I currently rate the fund a “buy” in my True Wealth newsletter.
– Steve Sjuggerud with Brett Eversole”
I’m so brave. I just checked, and I have put, not even, 1/3 of 1% of my capital in IPAY! But, as the market should correct, I will acquire a bit more.
Here’s to your successful investing!

Harold F Crowell


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