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The Best Dividend Payouts

In my previous post, I listed those 40 or so companies that had the very smoothest or ‘best-looking’ 10-year EPS lines. These had already been searched out and sorted by their dividend safety evaluation. By that measure, all of these are in the very top 10% of all dividend payers for their dividend safety. The very order I listed them in was by that safety calculation. That’s not to say that JNJ is way safer than RGA. These are all very safe, and within the very top echelon of safe-dividend payers. I last left you with that list of 40. Take note of these companies and start doing research on any or all of them yourself, as you might want to.

With this post, I want to go right back through the entire list of about 100 stocks, including the 40 of the previous post, and note all those with a 10-year dividend payout pattern that ‘expresses’ that safety in such a way as to demonstrate it… by regular, consistent, and steady payouts, with annual increases that show just as consistent a pattern of “pay raises” to shareholders.

The idea here is incredibly simple. I had this communication with my wife just this morning. It was about what would she do if I were to pass away and leave her first. She was concerned about our accounts and investments. That’s when I realized that the only truly wise thing to do, in that regard, was what I immediately expressed to her. I will put things in a ‘do not touch’, buy-and-hold forever kind of a portfolio that should forever-and-always generate a steady stream of portfolio dividend income. She was concerned. She told me, “I don’t know what you do, or anything about how you do it”… that concern had to do with selling put options, and trading gold and silver mining stocks, or any number of other things that I could be doing with our investible assets.

If she doesn’t know, and has never paid any attention to any of the markets before, the best thing I can do for her… and us, is to just put cash into shares of those issues that would make for the best, buy-and-hold, safe-dividend payout and growers as one could possibly find. And, that would begin with those very 40 issues I just previously posted! Their dividend has been safe, like forever, and their increases in payout have been consistent for years.  Just set it in place, and leave it alone… ‘forever’!

Besides, she wants to retire to her gardening, and I want to retire with her… and ride my motorcycles. I’ll give time to her, in the gardens… she’ll spend time with me, going for fun rides around these parts. So, enough blather already… here are the very best dividend payout lines from among all of the safe-dividend payers. They are these 35: CSL, NKE, UNH, AOS, JKHY, ROL, TJX, EFX, QCOM, SYK, GD, INTU, NOC, SPGI, TSCO, STZ and STZB, BDX, AFG, HRL, OZRK, SBUX, VAL, OTEX, HD, CMCSA, COST, LII, NDAQ, AON, AVGO, CVS, ENH, BEAV and RGA.

Now, the first thing I want you to note is that there is a great deal of overlap between the 40 symbols in the previous post, and these 35. The reason is clear and simple… there is a direct correlation between the smoothest upwardly trending EPS line, and a safe, consistent and steady dividend payout history having a stair-step pattern of beautiful dividend increase “pay raises”.

The overlap between the 2 lists comes right down to these 29: CSL, NKE, UNH, AOS, JKHY, ROL, TJX, SYK, INTU, NOC, TSCO, STZ and STZB, BDX, AFG, HRL, OZRK, SBUX, OTEX, HD, CMCSA, COST, LII, NDAQ, AON, AVGO, CVS, BEAV and RGA.

I’ll have some more to say about the many issues I’ve listed next.

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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