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Record Day!

We don’t buy when stocks have risen. We buy when we believe they’ve completed a decline. I had identified the low-risk market entry opportunity as being that time when the election results would be settled. It was believed with the Comey announcement on Sunday the 6th, that the result would be in the bag for Hillary. But, what was interesting was that as it became clear that Trump would win, US stock market futures overseas plunged… Dow futures at one point were off by more than 800 points! By our market’s open Wednesday morning, nearly all of that had come back, and the day ended positively in the green. It’s been on a tear since! It would appear that there is quite a belief that America IS going to be made great again, it looks!

After running the search, really, all the same symbols show up again. No need to post them, as I’d rather wait after a correction has set in. I’ll do so at least once a week, no need to do so any more often than that, except for when the time to be a buyer might be close at hand.

The timer is only going to measure higher risk than I last reported, so I’ll update it, and post the actual measured results later.

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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