News Trumps Technicals… Again!

It happens. The technical indicators are getting just where you’d like for them to be, and then, BOOM, some piece of news comes from out of somewhere, and we’re off to the races before everything gets totally set up. Like I said… it happens!



2 thoughts on “News Trumps Technicals… Again!

  1. Chris Abshere says:

    I had really enjoyed reading your corporate bond website. Is that gone for good or is there a different site address?

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge,


  2. Chris, I may try to start it again, but readership fell so fast, and the questions from ‘readers’ were telling me that they just weren’t getting it. Some wanted to know if I meant to buy now, and others wanted to do this with funds, which was made clear was not the way to go, and would not work. If, and when, I restart, I’ll simply state and summarize clear, plain and very simple rules. Thank you for your comment, Harold

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