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Is Market Risk Gone Yet?

I have updated my timing efforts, and they are as follows.

Within one program, it actually closed slightly up, lifting its indicators, but any further downside Monday or Tuesday would likely get them home. There’s another indicator I created within the program that works like this… I place 2 indexes in a list, one is a large cap index, specifically the S&P 100, or OEX, and the other is considered a more speculative or higher risk index, the NASDAQ 100, or QQQ. What happens is that this program has a measure of upward or downward price performance similar to relative strength. But, whenever the relative price performance of the QQQ finally measures less, or worse, than for the same for the OEX, I have typically seen that as another means of signaling low risk in the market. The QQQ is now lower than the OEX in this particular manner of measuring their relative price performance, and I now count that in the camp of signaling that risk is low. RSI is at 19. Three of the 5 indicators I employ in this program have signaled, and the other 2 could do so early next week, with some more downside action.

Going to the OEXpert 7 Stock Market Timing program, price has gotten down to, and has even undercut its two lower trading bands a bit. That’s a signal.

F1 is in the upper teens, and still needs to get to at least 13 or lower, and preferably under 10 before I will be pleased with it. It could easily get there Monday or Tuesday, if the market continues even lower.

F2 is almost at -40, and has signaled. It tends to be first and earliest, so I don’t much care anymore about it.

F3 is under 10, now at about 3, and has signaled.

F4 is only at -20… needs to get to -30, and again, like F1, could do so with some more downside either Monday or Tuesday.

F5 is now at 30. It signaled when it got to 40, and it’s still declining.

F6 is now on the floor at 0, and has signaled.

Of the 12 I’m reporting here this evening, I’ve got a signal out of 8, so far. Two in my stock program, and the F1 and F4 keys in the timer are left. All 4 of those could get to where they would join the chorus, if we can get some more market weakness to start the week, ahead of the election results.

My opinion is that a relief rally will be in the offering, after the election results are known Tuesday night.

Here’s to your successful investing and trading!
Harold F Crowell


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