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Get Ready, Cuz Here It Comes!

I’ll run the stock search, but I want to report on the timer first. I just updated the OEXpert 7 Timer, and it is pointing right at the middle of this week as a place where it would almost certainly re-signal for me, if Tuesday and Wednesday, prior to 2:15 pm EST, should prove to be flat to down. And, the rather amazing, or exciting part, is that it is saying the very same thing to me about precious metals, too!

My take is that the markets are factoring in a rate hike. And, if that’s a correct interpretation, then I would expect a relief rally to ensue immediately after it is announced. Further, if the announcement includes wording that they will be very cautious about doing so again anytime soon… it would likely result in a real good rally.

How can I say this? I don’t know… just years of experience talking. May be right. Could be wrong. But, that’s what I’m thinking right now. So, if nothing happens beforehand, wait until Wednesday afternoon, at 2:15 pm EST.

If the timer sets up, as I think it will, you could be a buyer before the announcement, if you’re the ‘gambling’ type, as I think it will work out for you.

The stock search results in these symbols meeting our criteria as great safe-dividend growing companies: JKHY, NKE, EFX, ROST, TJX, AOS, UNH, HD, HRL, STZ, SYK, LOW, NOC, SBUX, COST, EL, SJM, LMT, FDS, NDAQ, DG and CVS.

I’ve always included DG, but I wish to speak more of it in a next post. Also, TSCO took a dump on us, back on the 8th. This being the 20th, the first of the analyst cuts is showing up in my data. These things always take nearly 2 weeks to filter from its origin, thru Thomson-Reuters, to me. I’ll speak to Tractor Supply next, as well.

Finally, 2 more show up that look quite appealing, but require some further digging into, but I present to you AMGN and AVGO as 2 potential candidates for our particular style of investing. I’ll bring more on those soon.

Well, it’s early Wednesday morning, and the Fed announcement will be released at 2:15 pm EST. It would appear, on the basis of all I think I see, that the markets are anxiously awaiting the news, but appear to have factored a rate increase in. I believe any reasonable wording will result in a relief rally. Look for it!

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


One thought on “Get Ready, Cuz Here It Comes!

  1. David says:

    Morning Harold,

    The VV indicators don’t seem to be indicating a market bottom. Do you rely more on the OEXpert 7 that VV?



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