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No, not the market… my PC. Fortunately for me, I had just purchased a new laptop before vacation, so I could stay on top of things while I was away. I just returned yesterday, and all was well… until late this morning, then my PC gave up the ghost. I’ll have a new PC up and running before the weekend.

I hope my post title didn’t spook you.

I am able to run my search, and I still find 23 lovely candidates in these: JKHY, NKE, ROST, TJX, EFX, AOS, HD, HRL, UNH, LOW, EL, NOC, SYK, COST, STZ, SJM, TSCO, SBUX, LMT, FDS, DG, NDAQ and CVS.

Take a look into these issues to find technical price strength: NKE, ROST, AOS, UNH, EL, NOC, COST, STZ, SJM, FDS and NDAQ.

I’ll update the timer shortly… I’ll have to put it off until I have my new PC up and running.

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


2 thoughts on “Crash!

  1. Richard says:

    Don’t ditch the old, sick laptop …I imagine you can pull the drive and transfer the useful data via some simple tools …I ran into similar 6 months ago …let me know if you need a hand

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