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Catching Up!

I’m been lax this week… Running the search, for the first time since Monday, we still have the same fine 23 stocks: JKHY, TJX, EFX, HRL, ROST, NKE, HD, UNH, AOS, LOW, EL, NOC, SYK, COST, STZ, TSCO, LMT, SBUX, RAI, FDS, NDAQ, CVS and DG.

The market has been kind of languishing around these same levels for at least 2 weeks now. But, that hasn’t stopped some of our selections from exhibiting price strength. These have been doing well: JKHY, TJX, ROST, HD, UNH, AOS, LOW, COST, STZ, LMT, SBUX, FDS, NDAQ and DG.

Looking a little deeper, we have how many at new highs in just these past couple of days? JKHY, TJX, ROST, HD, AOS, FDS and NDAQ.

We’re doing well. Timer update will be coming next, too. Risk has been stubbornly high.


Almost 6:30 am EST, and Asia closed mixed, and Europe is trading mixed… our index futures are also trading mixed, just a little bit in each direction… meaning, there is no market direction!

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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