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Quite the Monday!

I’ll be brief, and add more Tuesday morning.

While the indexes closed down, many of our issues did fine. First, a run of the search still brings our 23 favorites to me: JKHY, TJX, EFX, HRL, NKE, ROST, HD, AOS, TSCO, UNH, LOW, NOC, SYK, COST, FDS, RAI, SBUX, LMT, CVS, NDAQ and DG.

We still have many strong actors in: JKHY, TJX, EFX, ROST, HD, NOC, STZ, COST, FDS, LMT, NDAQ and DG.

We’ve even got 4 new all-time highs today with: TJX, EFX, ROST and DG. It would appear obvious that retail had an outstanding day!

Checking with the timer, it’s still reading very high risk. I couldn’t bring myself to be a buyer at these levels. But, I’ll bet we get a wonderful chance once again, before this year is over… it so often works out that way! šŸ˜‰


Tuesday morning, 6:00 am EST, and markets elsewhere are mixed in Asia and Europe; some up, others down. Our own futures are off minimally. We’re certainly due for an all-out correction, by any measure of market risk, but money from all over the world is flooding our markets, as their rates go negative, and their economies struggle.

Here’s to your successful investing,
Harold F Crowell


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