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For the Upcoming Week

Looking at market technicals, it would appear that risk is high, and the market might be looking toppy here, but none of that ever seems to matter to our markets anymore. What we do know is that a lot of money is coming in from overseas, because it will get treated better here, than, seemingly, anywhere else. And, so, with that, we really can’t know when this thing will stop… after all, it’s just recently broken out, and through, into new all-time highs, and there is no overhead resistance anymore. So, we’ll just watch and we’ll wait. We buy when there’s pain at the end of a decline, and prices have gotten lower, and market risk has been largely wrung out.

I’m not too terribly concerned about stocks, as I used to be, anymore… for two very good reasons. The first is that I’ve gotten aboard the newly emerging Bull Market in gold and silver, and have been making a strong return in it, which I write about here: https://goldstocktraderblog.wordpress.com/   My current return in little more than 3 months time, since April 8, is 61.5%, with 4 of my 13 mining stocks already ahead by more than 100%. It’s early yet. Hardly anyone seems to know about it. It will heat up.

My second reason is that I have started to become rather proficient at this thing called ‘Cash-Covered Put Option Selling’, which generates immediate income to one’s account, but does not require, but a fraction, of the money in one’s account that is required to passively generate a growing portfolio dividend income stream from stocks, as the ones I write about here. You can learn about this means of even more safely generating income from the market here: https://stockoptionincome.wordpress.com/   If few know of the bull market in metals, almost no one knows how safe, simple and profitable the selling of Put options can be, and few seem interested in learning. Fine by me. I’m starting to get to a place where I might rather sell Puts, than buy another share of stock again!

I’m 62 now, and retired. It’s a strong interest, a hobby, and a kind of sport, for me… all rolled up into one. And I enjoy writing about it, and freely passing on what I know, what I am experiencing, and what I am learning. You can find all this information somewhere else… but not without paying subscription costs in the thousands of dollars for them. If you think it’s worth at least what I charge you for it, would you share these blog sites with others, please?

I’ll get back with my stock search and any other information before Monday’s opening…


Okay, I didn’t get back before the open. It’s 9:43 am EST. The very best of the safe-dividend growing stocks are these familiar 23: JKHY, NKE, TJX, EFX, HRL, ROST, HD, AOS, TSCO, UNH, LOW, NOC, SYK, EL, STZ, COST, FDS, RAI, SBUX, LMT, CVS, NDAQ and DG.

Of these, the very strongest technically price-wise are: Ah, shoot, it’s just easier to note those that aren’t! TSCO, EL, SBUX and CVS. All the rest are strong!

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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