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New Highs!

Well, it finally happened. It’s truly strange. Everybody that does this stuff with any intelligence knows that this is all about central banks everywhere trying like crazy to stimulate their nation’s economy. Problem is, they’re all doing this at the same time, and the result has been the Race to Zero for their currencies, or, as I had called it, the Race to the Bottom. These same people who know why this is happening, also know that a day of reckoning will have to come, when these good times will come to an end. It’s a house of cards, a pyramid scheme, or worse, a Ponzi. The system is completely broken, and it’s total corrupt. Need proof? How has this president doubled our national debt in 7 1/2 years, from 9 or 10 trillion, to now, 19 to 20 trillion… where did all that money go?!?!? How do these people get elected to high office in the U.S. and amass millions upon millions of dollars? They’re getting theirs, and could not care less about you, me or anybody else. Enough of that, let’s get down to the matter at hand… that of getting ours!

A run of the search brings 23 stocks to me that look to be the very best safe-dividend growers. Only the order has slightly changed, and that generally means nothing. Check out: JKHY, NKE, TJX, EFX, HRL, ROST, HD, AOS, TSCO, UNH, LOW, NOC, SYK, EL, STZ, COST, FDS, RAI, SBUX, LMT, CVS, NDAQ and DG.

I’ll spare you the measure of market risk at this time… the market has risen. It’s broken out into new highs. I had written when it turned just before I got a signal that this action tends to relate to market strength, and sure enough, it’s been enough to reconfirm the old Bull Market, even though it gave every evidence of having come to its end in January and February. The simple point was, the Fed could not allow that to happen then, so, the spigot was turned wide open again. Remember, the Fed tightened in December, and the market was going to go away, but then, in February, they talked dovey, and it relaunched. So, here we are. Happy days are here again!

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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