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Wednesday Reversal?

Motion sick yet? We had started to go back down. Wednesday was to open down. After a bit of a truly rocky start, it turned right back around, regained all the day’s losses, and closed in the black! What the???  I don’t know how traders do it! I’ll not try.

So, it closed up, and we look at Thursday morning, and Asia was mixed, while Europe is up, but our own futures are off ever so slightly, giving no real indication for today whatsoever. Makes me glad to be a buy-and-hold, safe-dividend grower investor. Show me the dividend income, Baby! I’ll take the price lumps with the gains. Just show me when I can add some more!

Now, a run of our search brings us the very best of those safe-dividend growers; an entire 23 stock portfolio of them: JKHY, HRL, TJX, NKE, ROST, EFX, HD, UNH, AOS, LOW, NOC, SYK, TSCO, EL, STZ, COST, SBUX, FDS, RAI, LMT, CVS, NDAQ and DG.

And, then, Look! 14 of these selections are either at, or very close to making new all-time highs in price! See: JKHY, TJX, EFX, UNH, AOS, LOW, NOC, SYK, STZ, COST, RAI, LMT, NDAQ and DG. Simply incredible!

I’ll get to the timer later, but we don’t have a signal. We’re not too terribly close to a signal, and I get a little lazy when that’s the case, and don’t update daily, unless I know we are getting close. When I do update, I will post the result.

Here’s a real possibility… since we just turned back up intra-day Wednesday… a real breakout attempt into new all-time stock market highs, above the previous spring 2015 highs, is now in play. Pundits are seriously talking about this maybe happening, and drawing all new money in from the sidelines. I see that as a distinct possibility myself, at this point. It wouldn’t seem rational, at this time, but just looking at where all the rest of the world’s markets, in stocks and bonds are, the U.S. of A. is beginning to look like that last best hope for people’s money, from all over this world! So, their buying might make this happen.


Friday morning, 7:00 am EST, and Asia closed down. Europe is mixed, and our futures are up mildly by .2% or less, indicating no clear bias. I’ll be away all day and will catch up with everything over the weekend.

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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