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It’s ‘Risk On’!

Forget what I thought over the weekend. The markets aren’t waiting for the results. As far as they are concerned, the results are already in… or, this just might be the skeptic in me, the ‘fix’ is in! In any case, the market’s popped on the open Monday, slowly sold down all day, until the last hour, when they sold off further, closing lower than they opened. That’s not a positive. But, this morning, markets everywhere are up, and our futures have a near 1/2% gain in them, too. So, there you have it. The belief is strong that “Brexit” just ain’t gonna happen Thursday. Britain’s 5 hours ahead of us, and results should be known by the very early morning hours of Friday here.

Running the search for only the very best of the safe-dividend growers brings these to me: NKE, HRL, JKHY, TJX, ROST, EFX, HD, UNH, NOC, TSCO, AOS, EL, LOW, SBUX, STZ, COST, SYK, FDS, RAI, LMT, CVS, NDAQ and DG.

It’s possible to find amazing price strength within these: JKHY, TJX, EFX, UNH, NOC, AOS, LOW, STZ, COST, SYK, RAI, LMT and DG.

I’ll update the time, but no need to report. The markets are up, and the indicators will be turning up before they signal. I’ll input the data later, and report what it is saying after I have. May you have a most blessed day!

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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