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cRaZy Day!!!

So, we’re sitting in a 99 Restaurant in Boston, and there’s a TV over the head of the fellow across from me, and it’s on CNN, with the market bug going in the lower right corner. I see the Dow’s up like 95, the 500 up 12, and so on. Minutes later, I look again, and the Dow’s off near 100 or something, and the 500 is down as much as it had been up. The other 2 fellows are market guys, and 1 whips out his phone and sees the FOMC is rattling its interest rate sabre again. Those fools! Why won’t they just let the market set interest rates. They think they’re so much smarter and better than the market? Elite idiots!

Anyway, after it was all said and done, we close mixed to slightly up. The timer is inching closer to giving me a signal, but, really, it could use another day or two to actually get all of its indicators in place. So, I can’t rush it. I’m just going to sit tight and wait for it to come to me.

Running the same nightly search brings me the very best safe-dividend growers, and they are: NKE, HRL, JKHY, TJX, HD and LOW, EFX, SBUX, NOC, STZ, TSCO, EL, AOS, UNH, FDS, SYK, COST, CVS, NDAQ and FL.

Despite crazy market gyrations, there would still appear to be technical price strength in these 7 issues: JKHY, LOW, EFX, NOC, AOS, UNH and SYK.

It would be nice if it would dip down more, and for a little bit longer. Those measures of market risk that I have in my old OEXpert 7 market timing program are getting so close. 3 have signaled and the other 4 easily would with just a little more downside effort.


I’m liking that our futures are off this morning as of about 7:15 am EST. As I’ve been saying, just another day or two, and I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat, getting ready to be a buyer! Don’t doubt the Xpert!

Here’s to your successful stock market investing!
Harold F Crowell


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