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Weekend Wrapup

Friday was another down day. That’s great! I’ll update the timer, and see what it has to say… maybe next week we’ll get our opportunity!

But, first, I’ve run my search, and the very best of the safe-dividend growers would appear to be these 19: NKE, HRL, JKHY, TJX, SBUX, HD and LOW, EFX, COST, STZ, TSCO, AOS, EL, NOC, FDS, UNH, CVS, NDAQ and FL.

Among that group, those showing any real technical price strength are: JKHY, HD, EFX, STZ, TSCO, AOS, NOC, SYK and CVS.

Okay, so, updating the timer, I am starting to get excited! IF we can get just a couple or 3 more down days in this next week… I could foresee my market timer giving me an all-out, market risk is low, low-risk market entry opportunity to become a buyer once again!

It’s time to get our shopping lists in order, and get ourselves ready, as we may see our chance during this next week!


Monday morning, 7:10 am EST, and the market is not showing its hand. The futures are virtually unchanged. Unchanged to down would still continue to move the measures of risk closer to their respective signaling places on their scales. Just a couple of days could do it… and, as I cast about, like I’ve written earlier, seemingly no one is looking for a rally any time soon… but, my own timer is! I find that to be amazing!

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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