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Ending the Week On An Up-Note!

It started out off today, and just worked its way back up, and out of its hole all day long, to end Friday on the plus side.

A market search for the very best safe-dividend growers comes up with the following same 19: NKE, HRL, JKHY, TJX, SBUX, HD and LOW, EFX, COST, STZ, AOS, EL, NOC, FDS, UNH, SYK, CVS, NDAQ and FL.

If you can, chart them all, and note the price strength exhibited especially by HD, EFX, STZ, NOC UNH, SYK and CVS.

Updating my market timing efforts, the technicals for the QQQ are saying it’s due to turn, but the same measures for all the rest of the market are not there yet. The large tech companies that make up the QQQ, should they turn here, could easily cause the rest of the market follow suit, and so we must be aware of that possibility, but hope for a real signal from the broader market that my timer was actually created to work with.

I measure market risk to be Medium and falling, and that it shows to me a possibility of putting in a low-risk market entry opportunity signal as early as sometime next week. But, and I have to say this again… I see a possibility that the QQQ having already gotten there, and giving evidence of turning, that it might lead the market out ‘early’, and may have even begun to do so today. So, lets see what Monday might bring, and if it looks to be wanting to launch and take off from these levels, we could put some cash to work in shares of our favorite safe-dividend growers.

I haven’t mentioned it a while, but I am a holder of NKE, HRL, TJX and CVS from the above list, and I still hold some CHD and ROST besides. I look to add more issues, and more shares of these, to create an ever-growing stream of portfolio dividend income.

May you have a blessed weekend and Mother’s Day!


Markets are up the world over. Some a little, others a lot, and our own futures are ahead by a couple to 3 tenths as of 8:00 am EST. Gold’s down some… oil’s right at that $45 level. We’re watching to see if there’s going to be a lift-off, as many technicals are beginning to signal the decline from April 20 could possibly end soon… which would likely surprise a great many! This is especially true of large tech stocks, which are signalling that risk would appear to wrung out now.

Here’s to your investing success!
Harold F Crowell


2 thoughts on “Ending the Week On An Up-Note!

  1. Donald Ostrowski says:

    I’ve been following your advise for years-from Pirates Cove back when you put them in 3 classes. Thanks, I’ve done very well with that part of my portfolio.

    I understand that you’ve changed tactics about owning a portfolio for income. However, I’m really getting confused. The list of safe dividend payers has changed drastically over time. What was the absolute best and safest yesterday is gone today. The standards that you place on stocks to make the list is high. So if they are so safe and consistent, where only the best of the best make the list, why do they drop off the list so quickly.

    I made purchases on the original premise that, with few exceptions, these stocks would be buy and hold, ones that would be held forever. No more frequent trading. Now, very few of what I own make the current list. Even ones that were the best of the best 6 months ago.


    • Don, I wrote of why I could make personal changes in February, however, what I will do is run a check on all of the symbols you listed, and tell you whether I would still be a holder of each one of them, or not. When my wife and I reexamined our retirement planning, we elected to sell a lot of stock at that time simply because we didn’t need to have so much market risk, and wanted to do something else with a considerable amount of our assets. I have you email, and will do this on the side. Harold

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