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May it Go All the Way!

Another down day. We don’t get too many in a row, so, we’ll go up again some, but hopefully, down again some more. Risk is being wrung out, and that’s precisely what we want. I’ll update the timer, run my stock search, and see which issues are actually holding up in this market, when nearly everything would be in decline.

An update of my timer says risk is coming out rather quickly at this time. It is Medium, and it could actually find a place of low-risk market entry opportunity within the next couple of weeks, for sure. Similar measures, just of the large-cap Tech stocks within the QQQ puts that index at a place of low-risk already… but, will it turn, and take the entire market higher? I do not know the answer to that question. I believe that potential certainly does exist, however! A tech turn-around and lead would be just the kind of thing I think many would be looking for!

A search for the best safe-dividend growers yields these 19 stocks: NKE, HRL, JKHY, TJX, SBUX, HD and LOW, EFX, COST, STZ, AOS, EL, NOC, FDS, UNH, SYK, CVS, NDAQ and FL.

Of those, the strongest are: HD, EFX, STZ, NOC, UNH and SYK.

Our shopping list is ready. We know what we want to own, or acquire more shares in… all we need now is that signal that says risk is largely gone, and we can accumulate some shares, and grow our portfolio dividend income!


There’s some upside in our futures this morning that may make for a bounce, but, as I also wrote… with the technical measures on the QQQ at their bottom, a possible tech turn-around may be at hand, which could easily lead all the market higher… we’re just gonna have to watch to see what unfolds, as this is a condition I am not familiar with.

Here’s to your investing success!
Harold F Crowell


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