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Yup, Only a Bounce

Well, today opened down, and pretty much went flat sideways the rest of the day.

I’ll update the timer, but it’s still going to show that more selling and time is going to be needed.

Conducting my search, I want to drop PSA. They raised their dividend, but only by $.40 a share for a 5.88% increase. That doesn’t work for me. A new stock, just showing up in my work, is Constellation Brands, symbol STZ. Check it out! They also just raised… by $.36 a share, but that was for a 29% increase! They’ve got it going on!

We still have 19, but they are now: NKE, HRL, JKHY, TJX, SBUX, HD and LOW, EFX, COST, STZ, AOS, EL, NOC, FDS, UNH, SYK, CVS, NDAQ and FL.

Technically strong issues, showing good price action, even at this point in the market, are: HD, EFX, NOC, UNH and SYK.

Updating the timer, I perceive its indicators of market risk to all be saying that it has now declined to Medium, but not yet low, and that could still take awhile… at least another week, perhaps.

There are a couple of ways to look at PSA. One could sell it, or simply just hold it, and add no more shares. The beauty of our style of investing, is that it’s not necessary to make any snap decisions, and act immediately… if at all! If you still like the company, then you won’t be making a mistake to keep it, but you might want to reclaim your funds from it, and hope to do better, as in STZ… or, keep it and add STZ to your holdings… but, just not yet.


A look overseas, markets around the world are having an off day, and our own index futures are doing the same. They’re down by .63 to .74% as of about 6:45 am EST. There will be a low-risk entry coming… give it time. The number of energy firm bankruptcies has risen from when I last reported 51 so far in ’16… that number is now up to 59, and is going to keep rising. The debt-bomb is in the process of blowing… slow enough, it would seem, to remain under the radar. It won’t remain there.

Here’s to your investing success!
Harold F Crowell


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