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Blown Away!!!

Friends, I was just blown away!

Look at this!!!

If those 9 charts don’t mean anything, or explain the psyche of the American people today… and the support for Donald trump on one side, and Bernie sanders on the the other… probably nothing does!!!

My take on these 9 charts is simply… we are scr!@#d! Does anyone reading this know any better? I want to learn of some GOOD NEWS, and reason for real hope, but I can’t find any!!!


Latest employment data… many more working, but wages lower, is supposedly good. It means the effect of Obamacare; higher hourly wage, but fewer hours, so as to not have to provide healthcare, is working! I have a personal friend who was being paid $11 an hour to work 32 hours, got an instant raise to $15 an hour… and cut to 22 hours a week. You figure it out! Yeh, she makes LESS! BUT, more people are working!!! And, the result? Oil is UP! All of 3% to $35.60 a barrel! I still can’t begin to make any sense of any of it yet. I must be a complete IDIOT!!!


It’s worse than I thought… just read this!  If this doesn’t say that the gods must be crazy, nothing else does. I literally stepped up, and sold some more stock!!!

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


One thought on “Blown Away!!!

  1. Richard says:

    Donald’s effect..America will be moving into a leadership position of always winnnniiing…. Now who have we heard similar rants from, that’s right comedian, playboy, actor Charlie Sheene

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