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Nailbitin’ Time?

What was with Wednesday? It could have been said that it was going just fine. Fine, that is, until about 3:05. Then, an end of the day sell-off commenced. If you don’t know this: 9:30 to 10:30 is often referred to as the Amateur Hour, whereas the final hour, 3:00 to 4:00 is the Professional Hour. For the last 55 minutes, there was considerable selling. Institutions were lightening up.

The good news, if there’s any to be found, is that all kinds of technical indicators are now creating what is referred to as ‘positive divergences’. I’ve seen a goodly number of them… some in my own work. A positive divergence in these indicators, at a time like this, when the indexes appear to be making a double-bottom with the lows previously set back on January 20, would be an indication that this new level of lower support is much more likely to hold, and that it is also likely to be that level of support from which the next rally will lift-off from. If they work this time, in that capacity, then the rally they are supposedly presaging is about to commence!

If that should fail to happen… well, let’s try not to think about that just yet, shall we?


And, the futures, at 5:00 pm EST are down a tenth or two. More, later….  And, at 9:30 pm EST, down even more. Between .3 and .36%. It’s not getting better. What will morning bring? 3:50 am EST, and things are NOT well… futures off 1.57 to 1.78%. It’s trouble!!! Asia already got whacked, and Europe is taking a whippin’ right now. Metals are on the move, too! Got gold?

Here’s to your successful investing,
Harold F Crowell


11 thoughts on “Nailbitin’ Time?

  1. Tom V says:

    VIX went up just after 3 and caused stocks to down. I was driving into HD and bought
    some puts on my VRX to protect till next Friday. Time will tell !

    • Here, in the States, we’ll see that on the third Friday of the month. Yesterday’s was attributed to the alleged promise that there would be cut-backs in oil production, causing oil prices to rise some 13%. If that was a Saudi promise, I put little stock in it.

      • SPX Weeklys options (SPXW) expire at the end of the day each Friday

        CBOE S&P 500 Weeklys options help investors efficiently take advantage of market events, such as earnings, government reports and Fed announcements.

  2. Read Tracy… indeed, she states, and confirms what I only just concluded 2 weeks ago, when I started looking, while wondering why the market was not responding as I had been anticipating… and, simply, it’s because we have entered a Bear, as she also concluded.

  3. I should mention: I am not connected or in anyway related to Lowry’s, I just find their analysis and research very useful to understanding the market movements.

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