The Stock Market Investment Research Product Called VectorVest

Everybody. I just want it to be known, if I haven’t made myself perfectly clear in the past, that I love the stock market research and analytical product called VectorVest, and would never discourage anyone from looking into it, and giving it a try, as I have been a very satisfied user since the Summer of 2002, some 13 1/2 years ago, and have only been too happy to help others to learn better how to use it for their own purposes.

However, that said, VV has just contacted me and wants me to obtain permission to do so, and I have said that I will cease to make mention of them, and I will cull all references to them from out of my blog.

Past posts will be edited, and any holes that might appear will not be filled with anything else. I am a thrilled VV user, and it is a primary source for all of my efforts, however, as per their concern for the content of my posts, I will not longer be making any specific reference to them. I hope that you will understand, as I am not in the least interested in having any trouble, and I do wish Dr. DiLiddo, and everyone at VV, only the very best, as they have helped me to make my fortune, and I frankly could not imagine how I could have ever arrived at the market expertise that I have, if it had not been for my discovery of VectorVest, going all the way back to The Boston Money Show of October 1996!

May God bless VV and everyone there. I have nothing, but the highest esteem for their product!

Harold F Crowell


3 thoughts on “The Stock Market Investment Research Product Called VectorVest

  1. Sam Mentesana says:

    Harold, I personally hate that this happened because I am a VectorVest subscriber and I like reading how you use their product. Thanks for all you do for us and I understand why you are doing this, but now I pissed at V.V. for the crap they just caused. You provide great information and I appreciate it. Many thanks and God bless you. SamM

  2. Sam, Don’t blame VV. They wanted me to secure written permission first, which they also said they would give to me. It was just so much quicker, easier and simpler to just pull the posts. So, I take full responsibility. I could have applied for written permission, and received it… I elected not to. It’s all on me, friend! Harold

  3. Harold,

    VV throwing away all that free marketing!! Companies sometimes can’t help but shoot themselves in the foot.

    Just my 2 pennies worth. Keep up the blog. Its extremely valuable.

    god bless you


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