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What It’s Like to be Me!

It’s a joke. Although I do think that I am extraordinarily blessed of the Lord! (Thank you, Father!)

The December brokerage statements from eOption finally came through… and, 2015 was a wonderful year for growing a portfolio dividend income!

Here are the year-end results: From the concentrated ‘safe-dividend growers’ comprising the portfolio, December’s portfolio dividend income over September’s, just 3 months ago, grew by 12.32%. December’s income increased by 14.86% over June’s 6 months ago. The last month of the year was ahead by 29.31% over March, 9 months ago… and, the December income grew a most lovely 34.55% over December of 2014!

While stock prices essentially went nowhere, and all those who are trying to grow a nest-egg were as frustrated as they could be trying to eke out a capital gain that might at least equal that of inflation last year… our portfolio dividend income increased by nearly 35%!!! That’s something to be extremely pleased with!

How’d it happen? The same old story… find the very safest-dividend growers; companies that pay a safe dividend, which they also raise at a double-digit rate that is reasonable and sustainable, somewhere in the teens… in the case of our holdings that was 16.3% this past year, and then I aggressively add more shares whenever I think that I perceive a low-risk market entry opportunity to be occurring. A couple of those happened in 2015, and I took particular advantage of that one that presented itself to us on Friday, August the 21st, and Monday the 24th, when the stock market crashed.

I’ve entered my retirement, but my wife has some years to go yet, so, we’re not ready to start taking that income that we’re generating… not yet. It’ll be a few more years, she has at least 5 more she’d like to put in, and maybe more beyond that. In the mean time, I’m going to keep growing our portfolio dividend income toward our retirement income goal.

Have you started yet? The two best times to start were 30 years ago, and today.


Gonna be another ugly open, if this holds up… pre-openers are off more than 1.5% as of 6:24 a.m. EST. Our opportunity is setting up, as I had hoped!

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


9 thoughts on “What It’s Like to be Me!

  1. Marcia says:

    HI Harold,

    Want to again thank you for your blogs. I am learning so much and have done some research based on your guidance. I have a stock list to purchase based on earnings over the past year, dividend return in double digits over the past 2-3 years, and VV fundamentals. If there are other criteria that I should look at please advise.

    Now the most difficult part. You mention in today’s bolg about the opportunity to purchase is setting up. But how do I know when that is? I tend to always buy just as market is going up and then it sinks back down resulting in immediate loss. Know I share this frustration with many. I use DPO, stochastic oscillator, bollinger bands and confirmed calls as indicators. I will greatly appreciate any suggestions.


  2. Marcia, thank you for writing, if I may, I would like to use your response as a means of writing an entire reply to all my readership… I see much value in using your response to be of some educational purpose for all. Harold

    • Marcia says:

      Harold, you are such a great teacher and willing to share information. If what I am experiencing can be used to help others I am all for that.

    • Marcia says:

      You are right, it is a privilege to use the gifts that the Lord has given us to benefit others. There is nothing like it in the whole world that has ever filled my heart with such joy.

  3. Marcia says:

    You know what makes giving that much more special? It is when God sets before you a challenge beyond your believed abilities and when you accept He provides the means to be of service. In small, and not so small ways, I have been blessed to experience this. Hope many more have as well.


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