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No Need to Speculate

I don’t know what to make of anything… but, it doesn’t matter, and we don’t need to care.

The S&P 500 did close above its 50-day moving average, and its 200-day moving average, and above its 17-month moving average. We have favorable seasonality for the next few days. The ‘Sell in May, Go Away’ folks should be coming back. It’s pierced all kinds of resistance levels, and has moved right back into the very same trading range it had been bound within for all the past year, until the August/September spill… and, now, here we are!

I’m less than 1.2% beneath my all-time high in value. The 500 itself is within spittin’ distance of its own all-time closing high of May 21, at 2130.82. Yea, it closed today at 2079.36, or just 2.4% beneath that May top!

The technicals are stretched to the upside, and there may be some to go yet, before it ever takes a decided turn to the South. But, who can say?

In all of this, we don’t need to care. We have October statements due, and they’re going to tell us who paid us, and how much, during October. With those numbers, we’ll get to report the progress we’re making toward our first-year retirement income goal… and, we already know the numbers are going to be good. We’re just waiting to learn how good!

I was just looking, and of our 22 concentrated issues, I’d say 7 are looking quite weak: ABC, AAPL, CVS, DG, IBM, UNP and VFC. Five look to be betwixt ‘n between. I can’t tell whether they’re weak or strong… just middlin’, and those are: AMGN, BLK, CNI, ROL and ROST.

But, then, I’ve got 10 that are looking quite well, and those would be: CHD, CMCSA, COST, ECL, FDS, GILD, HRL, NKE, TJX, and TSCO. Is it any wonder then, that the portfolio should be looking fairly strong at this time?

This October will be recorded as having been one of the very strongest in many years. Glad I was near fully invested for it all. I’ve now got near enough cash in the money funds, that if we were to get another low-risk market entry opportunity anytime in the relatively near future, I’d be in a place where I would feel able to add to all of our positions… and, that would only serve to grow our portfolio dividend income even faster! May you all have a most blessed weekend!

Here’s to your investing success!
Harold F Crowell


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