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Calling Tops Way Harder

I don’t know, so, I can’t say… but, prices have arrived at a place of overhead resistance, 401k money has been deployed, and futures trading overseas are off more than 1/3 of 1%, and closer to 4 tenths off at 7:00 a.m. EST.

In any case, the short-term has been up. My indicators are no longer anywhere near signalling an all-clear, like they were nearly doing when I thought we’d turn up early last week… and, as a further indicator, I never think it’s time for me to be buying anything when my portfolio balance is at a new all-time high in value.

Easy enough to continue to watch and wait… I’m still of a rather strong opinion that a great opportunity will be handed us again before this year ends. I hope that I’ll have the good sense to see it when it happens… for all our sakes!

Here’s to your investing success!
Harold F Crowell


2 thoughts on “Calling Tops Way Harder

    • The short answer is: I don’t know. But, the real answer is that a ‘season of favorability’ has arisen since Congress authorized the IRS to create the code around the 401k plan. As 401k plan monies get to the institutions that receive it, they deploy it all into their mutual funds for investment by their fund managers. This has been determined to typically take place around the last 2 trading days of each month, and the first 4 trading days of the next month. It has become so reliable, that a person could literally buy an index ETF at the close, before the last 2 trading days of a month, and sell it out at the close of the 4th trading day into the new month, and, according to the research into this, that person would beat the market rather handily. What do you think of that, huh?

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