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It is Time to Begin Watching Again!

I’ve updated all of my technical indicators. I see some of my most valuable indicators getting to within just a few days of being able to signal.

If we should commence a plunge again anytime real soon, I would just tell you that I am going to be all over it as a buyer. Then too, if we should not experience something like that, but all these technical indicators I’ve been using for decades should begin to drop into place… I’m going to be sitting on the edge of my seat, getting my shopping list ready, and planning my next purchases, until I’ve expended all the cash I’ve been able to accrue.

Speaking of cash… I’ve only a 5.2% position in cash. Yikes! Sure wish I had more, but I’ve no place to get anymore that I might send it in. I was a big buyer Friday the 21st and Monday the 24th of August, and I didn’t have much left after that. I sent another check in, but it wasn’t as much as I would have liked.

Oh, well… I’ll be able to add shares to most of our positions, in any case.

We may see an opportunity arise as early as next week… just sayin’! If I think I see it, I’ll call it, and I’ll be stepping up to buy as well. Stay tuned!

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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