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On Our Way?

With the pre-openers down overseas a good bit again this morning, it would seem that we might well be on our way toward that next spill that would set-up our next opportunity to accumulate more shares in our favorite safe-dividend growers.

The call that we are now in the very first stages of a bear market may very well be correct. All the technical signs are now there, just as they were for all previous bear markets… that said, the very same technical conditions are also in place when the market behaved precisely as it was doing back in 2011, before it took off on another tear in 2012.

We are either in one, or we could just as well be in the other. For the long-term, buy-to-hold investor that I am… it doesn’t matter. Anytime stocks are getting hurt in a high-volume and fear-filled sell-off, I want to be a buyer of those shares while they are being marked down and put on sale! And, I only want those shares that will pay me, will pay me safely, and will continue to raise their dividend to me.

It’s just the very way by which real investors accumulate vast amounts of wealth in the very shortest period of time. And speaking of time, the more time anyone has to employ this strategy, the more certain will be the outcome to them.

We can see our way to our first-year retirement income goal. It is within our sight, and almost within our grasp. I’m not going to short-circuit what has already started. If this should actually turn out to be the bear market that a good many are saying it is, that can only help our cause, as we shall have many more opportunities to accumulate far more shares than we otherwise would, as their prices will be cheaper, their yields higher; which would only accelerate the entire process of growing our portfolio dividend income toward our goal.

The pre-openers are ugly. Down 1%. Perfect! We may well be on our way to the next steep sell-off! Buy when all others are selling….

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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