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Hey, You Look ‘Hot’!

James must have read my mind. Reader James asked if I would conduct my search again and post the most attractive looking safe dividend growers. It was exactly what I had in mind.

Those issues that just look so very good, on the basis of their EPS lines of their analysts’ consensus of forward-looking earnings estimates, at this very time would be these 10 outstanding companies: SKWS, NKE, HRL, GILD, CVS, ABC, FDS, AMGN, ROL and DG.

Narrowing that list by the second screen of examining their dividend payout history graphs, NKE, HRL, CVS, ABC, FDS, AMGN and ROL are tops.

The others: SKWS, GILD and DG must be considered as second tier at this time, as their dividend payout history is not yet long enough that they should be safe-dividend growers. They’ve proven themselves to be safe-dividend payers, but not for a long enough time to be called safe-dividend growers yet.

They make excellent option candidates! If we are going to spill again, sell naked puts at a price you’d love to own them at, a few months out, and just wait. You just might get to acquire some incredible bargain shares of each!

In the interest of full and proper disclosure, I own NKE, HRL, GILD, CVS, ABC, FDS, AMGN, ROL and DG already. And, I wouldn’t hesitate a minute to start a position in SKWS.

The pre-openers overseas, had been up a pretty decent amount earlier. Now, at 12:30 am EST, they’re still up, but not by any appreciable amount anymore.

I still contend that this decline, that got so ugly 3 weeks ago, is far from over. We’ve likely got some couple of months more before it might completely right itself, and as it does, so I am presently thinking, we’re likely to see another one, two, maybe even 3 more fearful, high volume sell-offs of shares… or, opportunities, as I like to think of them.

It’s a scary time. Many people are afraid. Market sentiment is poor. These are all positives for those who would be a successful investor. We want high-quality, safe-dividend growers only! And anytime they go On Sale, I want to accumulate more shares in them.

So, James, thanks for asking, and do a little research into each yourself, and make your own decision. Anytime anyone sees a ‘wart’ on one of those ideas I put up, please share that with me… it would be a kindness, and you would be doing us all a favor.

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


2 thoughts on “Hey, You Look ‘Hot’!

  1. Robert M. Wadlow says:

    Mr Crowell, I ws in attendance at your presentation in Tulsa. Very impressive.

    I was going over your strategy with my son-in-law. He is in the process of implementing it. He does have a problem. Most of his money is tied up in a 401k that allows investing in mutual funds(a 200% match). Do you have any suggestions on mutual funds that essentially follow you strategy? Thank you.

    • I’m sorry… I don’t. I always encourage 401k Plan participants to push their employers to allow for a Brokerage Account Option through their plan, that they might be able to buy individual stock issues, or even ETFs, so that they don’t have to pick from among what are typically pretty pitiful mutual funds. If there is some kind of dividend growth fund, or an equity income fund… that might work, provided they’ve actually made some effort to purchase the very highest-quality, safe-dividend growers in their fund. If they are like a typical mutual fund, and hold well over 100 stocks in it. They’re not going to beat the market, because they’ve essentially become just like the market. I wish it weren’t so, but that’s just the way it is. Plug for a brokerage account option to become a part of the company’s plan. Start beating the funds in the plan, and everyone will want to sign up for that option!

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