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Next Opportunity Coming Up?

It’s Friday, and a llloooonnnngggg weekend ahead of us here in the US. Thursday was another one of those ‘pop’ opens that sold off most of the day to pretty much give it all back. That’s a negative. Being invested over a long holiday weekend with so much uncertainty in the world… that’s another negative. And, now this: Our pre-openers are off 1% overseas as of 8:00 a.m. EST.

Our next opportunity may soon be coming up. But, that’s precisely what we want to be hoping for!

Did you read my previous post, and the portfolio dividend income increase we registered for each quarter over the past year? That was due to the twin factors of safe-dividend growers increasing our pay over the past 12 months… the average increase of all being 18%, which doubles our income in 4 years time, but also due to any new shares we acquired whenever the market sold down and afforded us an opportunity to grab some more.

We accumulated more shares in our favorite safe-dividend growers one year ago in August, then in October in a big way… and here again, expending nearly all our cash, in just the past 2 weeks. We have harnessed compounding, and our income is on its way to approaching ‘escape velocity,’ as we lift-off toward our first-year retirement income goal!

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


5 thoughts on “Next Opportunity Coming Up?

  1. Richard Jones says:

    Hi Ho – Harold … what do you do for your fixed income asset allocation, if anything? I’ve shifted much of my fixed income over the past year to selective preferds .. I’ll drop you a list if you would like

  2. Richard, I have pretty much adopted the view of Lowell Miller and the first chapter of his book with the very idea that I don’t even bother with a fixed income asset; and, so I don’t. I’m all about the safe-growth of our portfolio dividend income in the common stock of the very highest-quality and safest-dividend growers I can come up with.

    • Richard says:

      I remained a 100% equity investor over much of the past 35 odd years, scaling back a bit but certainly cautious with the paucity of returns in traditional fixed income vehicles such as CDs, MM Funds, Treasuries, High Yield Corporates, Munis, MLPs and REiTs….preferds might offer a low volatility equity stake with a relatively solid yield, 2 to 3 times the current div yield of the typical large CAP S&P/Dow.. I to enjoy the streams of green arriving monthly/quarterly ..plus the principle of the original investment amount remaining stable…hopefully see you next Weds at the Boston VV meeting…have a great holiday weekend

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