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I Was a Buyer! Were You?

Several have gotten back to me about my call yesterday. Yes, I was a buyer. My only regret is that I was a buyer in the morning, and not in the afternoon! I wanted to do other things. I have a life. So, I got my buying out of the way in the morning, that I could enjoy other things the rest of the day. I took a leisurely motorcycle ride on back roads that dated back to colonial times here in New England.

It got ugly. It was ugly. When it gets ugly, that is the very best time to become a buyer. Buy when the market is ugly!

So, what did it result in? I caused two things to happen. First, I increased our portfolio dividend income by an actual 6.58% with just one morning of purchases! And, I’m excited, too, because I still have a good deal of cash left, that I am certain I’ll have plenty good opportunity to yet deploy. Second, I increased the number of issues in which we are concentrating our purchases by 4, from 18 to 22. One should have at least 20, and there’s no real need at all to have even as many as 33 max! That would be 3 to 5% in each; a very safe practice of diversifying and spreading one’s capital around adequately.

Yes, I added 4 new positions in DG, AMGN, ROL, and my wife was even getting in on the act… she asked me to acquire shares of NKE for her, since she is a PE and health teacher in a public school! It’s certainly a good enough company, so I was only too happy to accommodate her.

The market closed on its low. My indicators are nearly all in their respective signaling places. VIX measure of market fear jumped, and volume was big. I’ve even read of a possible CRASH come Monday morning, which would cheer me to no end! Why? Because I could add a great many more shares again!

If you were frightened. If you could not act. If you were not a buyer. You still have plenty of opportunity. I bought in the morning. Prices closed lower than I was buying in at. You might possibly be able to buy at lower prices than I did on Monday! What do you think of that?!?!?!

As I look in on the pre-market openers, the index futures on the US markets trading overseas, and they should be sharply lower… I will be buying more Monday morning, and I’ll be certain to let you know right here. Have a glorious weekend!

A crash… a CRASH? You’d be a buyer during a crash?!?!? Somebody has to… who’ll support the market with buying, if we don’t??? LOL

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


2 thoughts on “I Was a Buyer! Were You?

  1. Dale says:

    Hi Harold, Yes it did get ugly. I believe it closed below the 50 day moving average and the 200 moving average. I feel in my gut, It is going to get quite a bit worse. Enjoy reading your blog, thanks for keeping us up to date. Did you take any positions in inverse etf’s? Noticed on Vector Vest, SH just turned from a hold to buy.


    • Dale, I did not. My focus being only upon growing our portfolio dividend income, I don’t involve myself in trading, or even in “protecting” our capital. I caused our income to grow by 6.58% on Friday, and should it get even worse, I’ll cause it to grow by even more. Years from now, I expect the value of our portfolio to be much greater, but, if, for the meantime, it has to decline… so much the better, as I will be able to accumulate still more shares at ever lower prices. It sounds perverse, I know, but my perspective is many years out, and not in the short-term, where most everyone else’s is. That’s being truly contrarian!

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