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Getting Just What We want!

Today was the very first day of the type that I’ve been waiting for! Since last October I’ve wanted to see a decline get sharp, and for fear to rise. Today was a day just like that. Now, we need just a little more of it. The VIX rose 25%, but could still stand to rise even more. Nearly all my technical indicators could be said to be giving me a good reading, but, again, I think and hope to see a bit more.

If overseas overnight is ugly, and the pre-openers are down sharply… if we open down hard, I’ll be stepping up to acquire some shares in the morning.

I would like to add to current holdings, and add a few other issues to the portfolio. DG and ROL look to be especially fine ideas, as does AMGN. I’ll do some sizing up of my positions and consider which need bolstering.

This is enough for this evening… I’ll write more tomorrow morning, before the open.

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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