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What are the ‘Best-Lookers’ at this Time?

I’ve been sitting tight, and not doing anything. No serious market-bottom has been put into place. There’s been no high-volume sell-off and no spike in the VIX indicator of market fear. It’s a good time to just let things sit and ride. Dividend income is coming in at a very lovely rate. I just ran all my screens, and the very best looking issues, by my way of scanning for them are these… and, what I would suggest to anyone is to conduct whatever kind of research that you might care to, and see if they don’t shine like bright stars to you, too.

The 7 very most attractive issues with a real history of safe-dividend growth, and look to keep right on doing so are: CVS, AFSI, CMCSA, ABC, HRL, FDS, and ROL.

The 5 others that look for all the world like they’re going to generate a long history of doing the very same as those above are: GILD, SWKS, AVGO, AMGN and DG.

I already own CVS, CMCSA, ABC, HRL and FDS from the first group, and I have added a position in GILD from the second group. The rest remain prospects I’ve got my eye on as ideas I think I’ll add around the next real ‘low-risk market entry opportunity.’

Of my 18 current concentrated safe-dividend growing holdings, I have market leaders in ROST, TSCO, TJX, HRL, CHD, FDS, VFC and ECL. At least 5 closed at new all-time highs either yesterday or today. Those being ROST, TJX, HRL, CHD and FDS. That’s pretty good! See the pop in price that ROST and TJX just had today!

Yeh, I’ve got some laggards, too, but I’m not worried about them, and I intend to add more of everything when the right opportunity arises. We’ve added more cash to our money fund, and we are now sitting on a 13.26% cash position. With that, we will be able to accumulate a good many more shares and give portfolio dividend income another big bump up when we deploy it. I’ve been waiting a long time, but I know that patience is absolutely one of the very best and most important virtues that the buy-to-hold investor can cultivate… and, I have it in spades. I will wait!

Are you accumulating cash? Are you generating a shopping list of what look to be the very highest-quality, safe-dividend growers? I’m looking and scanning all the time. I’m looking at my market timing technicals… I will be ready when the right time comes.

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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