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It’s Not Time to Buy Yet

I’m trying to stay right on top of the market, hoping and waiting for the next “low-risk market entry opportunity.” I want to know, and others are wanting to know… are we there yet? And, it is my considered opinion, on the basis of all that I know and care about, when it comes to this matter, that we are not there yet. I was away for an extended holiday weekend, and I’m wanting to fully catch up, so as to know, with as great a degree of certainty as I can, just where things stand.

Charting the S&P 500, you can clearly see that it is trying to find support at its own 200-day moving average. It did so on Monday and Tuesday of last week, and again, yesterday. Since I do not see enough in any indicators I rely upon to believe its time to step into the market yet, I get this feeling that the 200-day moving average may fail, and allow for a bit of a scary tumble… at least, that is what I am hoping for. This would set all my indicators right in place to give me great confidence that we can be an aggressive buyer again. So, I’m presently of an opinion we may get a bounce first.

It’s not time to get our shopping lists together just yet, but I feel a great deal of certainty that within these remaining months of 2015, we are going to get that opportunity we have been waiting for, since we last bought in mid-October of last year. When we do, we will be giving our portfolio dividend income a tremendous boost, by adding considerably more shares to our holdings.

Be patient. Wait. There is never a hurry. Opportunities always come our way. It’s only as we sit tight and wait patiently that, for the investor like ourselves, does the strategy work its very best ‘magic’ for us… and it will!

Here’s to your successful investing!
Harold F Crowell


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